Brains not engaged

It never ceases to amaze me how public officials keep shooting themselves in the foot by acting stupidly. “Educators” are a prime example. Two recent incidents reminded me of a poster in my government-run public high school: Be sure your brain is engaged before putting your mouth in gear.

The head of the Wale school employees union just got caught sending an e-mail to the membership ranting that the newly elected board of education members “don’t care about the children.”

She claims the message was a draft, sent mistakenly in anger. That’s a plausible excuse. We’ve all done that. Note, however, that the text of the email as printed in the News & Observer’s Under the Dome was ungramatical, with portions in ALL CAPS (a breach of e-etiquette).  Isn’t it true of human nature that sometimes the things we do or say in anger, or under emotional stress express how we really feel?

Then there’s the Goldsboro middle school that sold students grade points as part of a school fundraiser. Of course, the debate is about whether or not this was a good thing. Considering all the taxpayer money that goes to schools, the question should be why the heck the school is forcing students to hold fundraisers to begin with?

This incident made Jay Leno’s Outrage of the Week (and it was only Wednesday).