Bless her heart

As Gov. Bev Perdue was entering the General Assembly for the State of the State Address, I heard her referred to as “Her Excellency” at least three times. That brought to mind a quote from Justice William Douglas: “Since when have we Americans been expected to bow submissively to authority and speak with awe and reverence to those who represent us? ”

When she got to the podium to begin her speech,  Gov. Perdue quieted the applause by saying, “All right y’all, that’s enough. Let’s get down to business.”  Good for her. I’ll admit, this reformed Yankee is taken by her Southern Belle, down-home words. Sometimes I have to refer to my Yankee-Southern Dictionary, though. (Just to be sure, I looked up “eat the seed corn.”

On the other hand, some things “Her Excellency” says I’m no so sure about. When she said “No child has permission to drop out of school in North Carolina and no teacher has permission to give up on a student. No parent has a free pass from their responsibility to be fully involved in their child’s education” I thought to myself, “bless her heart, she wants the State to be a Great Grandmother.”

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  1. Just popped in from a link at the top of my Gmail.
    Glad to see another libertarian blogger and I love the P J O’Rourke quote about two rules of politics in a free society.

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