Budget bunt

LPNC Press Release

Governor bunts on budget

RALEIGH (March 18) — Governor Bev Perdue stepped up to the budget plate, pointed to the bleacher seats — and bunted, the North Carolina Libertarian Party said today.

"Based on her prior statements, we were anticipating a big hit from the governor when she announced her budget," said Barbara Howe, state party chair. "But instead of taking a big swing, she barely beat out a bunt."

Last week, the governor said "everything will be on the table" and implied there would be major cuts that not everyone would be happy about, Howe said. "The budget presented yesterday simply does not live up to that promise. It’s a big disappointment."

To begin with, she boasted about filling a $3.58 billion budget gap, but most of that gap will be filled with Federal stimulus money and increased taxes. "In other words, she’s allegedly balancing the budget on the backs of people from other states and with money she doesn’t have yet."

The Governor claimed she was going to propose cuts in programs and services even though "a lot of people are going to be furious …" However, her 2010 budget cuts only 20 minor programs.

"Most of her budget announcement was devoted to promoting money she is going to spend, not save," said Howe, "and she constantly referred to this spending disingenuously as ‘investment.’ "

If the governor really wants to balance the budget and reduce the burden on taxpayers, she should take a look at the John Locke Foundation’s just released "Back to Basics" budget plan, Howe concluded.