Democrats and Republicans Love to Spend Other People’s Money

The next time a legislator tells you he or she is just a “regular” person, remember this story. What regular person pays $500 for a suit? $600 for a bar tab? $130 for sushi? Not me. But then again, I haven’t raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to get elected to a part-time job that pays $13,000 a year.

At least the News & Observer pointed out the spending habits of legislators from both of the old parties. This article may have been intended as an expose, but it should not come as a surprise to anyone. Spending other people’s money is what Democrats and Republicans do. It’s bipartisan.

The excuse for buying a $500 suit is also typical of the hubris and arrogance of establishment party politicians. “I had to because the NCGA rules make me wear a suit.”

So if I’m elected, I may have to buy another suit. But it will be a Sears, not Nordstrom.


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