In the news

Thanks to Adam Brooks for this link to an article in the Archdale-Trinity News reporting on three Libertarians who attended the Chamber of Commerce candidate forum.

The Raleigh Public Record published my responses to their candidate questionnaire.

The Daily Haymaker reports on the Moore County League of Women Voter’s Candidate Forum.

Independent Weekly candidate questionnaire. They only endorsed Democratic candidates.

In the Grass Roots North Carolina candidate evaluations I scored 98 to Republican incumbent Renee Ellmers 87, we both got 4 stars, but in keeping with the GRNC’s usual practice, they endorsed her. Congrats to fellow Libertarian Daryl Holman in CD1 who actually did get a GRNC endorsement.

Not much about me in this Fayetteville Observer story, but at least my name was in the lead.

The Pilot in Southern Pines printed this voting guide produced by the Moore County League of Women Voters. has a My Ballot page on their website, with videos from only the major party candidates.

And finally, although the News & Observer did not mention me at all in their editorial “non-endorsement” of any candidate in the CD2 race, they did include me in both their online and in-print voter guide. Of course, that’s because the guides were produced by the truly nonpartisan and objective N.C. Center for Voter Education.

News & Observer non-endorsement

The News & Observer did not endorse any candidate in the 2nd Congressional district — but neither did they mention me at all in the editorial. Here is what I wrote them and posted as a comment online:

N&O editorial writers should do more thorough research, or at least read the N&Os own online voter guide, so they have complete information on the races before writing their editorial candidate endorsements. They apparently couldn’t find enough difference between two of the candidates in the 2nd Congressional District to endorse either.

Perhaps this was because they were unaware there’s a third candidate in the race, Libertarian Brian Irving. Either that or they deliberately ignored the fact because they would have had to let readers know there was candidate with significantly different, some would say radical, views. And that might have made their non-endorsement more difficult.

Or this oversight simply could be in keeping with the paper’s apparent policy to completely ignore Libertarian candidates altogether. In three full-page stories, the N&O has made an excruciating attempt to report on the supposed differences between the Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates without evening mentioning Libertarian Barbara Howe.

Journalistic integrity demands, and North Carolina voters deserve, better, fairer and more complete reporting.

As a P.S. I know the N&O company knows I’m running because I received a solicitation to purchase advertising.

Register to vote

Tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote for the November election. Go here to get more information or check your voter registration. Please don’t miss this opportunity. Your vote is the most precious thing you can give to anyone seeking office.

At this point, I strongly urge you to go directly to your county Board of Elections and fill out the registration form in person before close of business tomorrow.

Vote like your life depended on it. It does.


All candidates should debate

Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers is apparently unwilling to debate her Democratic opponent in the 2nd Congressional District, according to the News & Observer. Steve Wilkins told the newspaper that Ellmers has turned down an invitation to debate on WTVD-TV.

I feel your pain Mr. Wilkins. I believe all ballot-qualified candidates should agree to debate, anywhere and in any venue, and that the media has a duty and obligation to cover all candidates fairly and equally. I think all ballot-qualified candidates should be invited to debates by the sponsors and organizers.

Unfortunately, WTVD and WRAL apparently don’t believe that. I wasn’t invited to take part in the WTVD debate. Nor will WRAL allow me to tape a video for their online candidate guide, a service they’ve offered to the Republican and Democratic candidates.

I believe anyone in office, or seeking office, has a duty and responsibility to accept any and all invitations to speak to groups and especially to debate. Mrs. Ellmers herself has noted that she’s new to the district due to redistricting. That should make such personal contact even more important.

The model I’m using for my campaign is the same model I will use if elected, that of the citizen-servant envisioned by our nation’s founders when they wrote the Constitution.

No amount of flashy TV advertising can substitute for actually meeting and talking with your constituents.

Best descriptions of last night’s presidential ‘debate’

Tom Knapp, Kn@pster:

“It came off like two old spinster sisters who live together carping at each other over whether Mama’s Watergate Salad recipe calls for half a cup or 2/3 of a cup of pineapple.”

John Nichols, The Nation:

“The United States does not have presidential debates in any realistic sense of the word.

“It holds quadrennial joint appearances by major-party candidates who have been schooled in the art of saying little of consequence in the most absurdly aggressive way

“That is because presidential debates have become the political equivalent of a classic rock radio station. You’ll hear all the hits, and maybe even a few obscure tracks that you’d almost forgotten.”

WRAL excludes Libertarians from videos just debuted a section called MyBallot where voters can view a side-by-side comparison of the response from the candidates who’ll be on their ballot. It includes some 147 candidates in 87 races.

This is a very good resources, and it does include Libertarians. However, WRAL continues its discriminatory policy of excluding all but the establishment parties from its primary news coverage. They invited the major party candidates to record a short video, but did not invite third party candidates.

While predictable its a curious and inconsistent development,  since I did record a video for the primary even though there was no Libertarian primary.

Chatham Partnership for Children

A special thanks to the Chatham Partnership for Children for recording these remarks I made Sept. 24 at their candidate forum.

The forgotten war and the forgotten debt

Just before the Republican National Convention, the 2,000th American solider was killed in Afghanistan. The death went unnoticed. Afghanistan has become another “forgotten war.”

As the Democratic National Convention opened this week, the U.S. debt topped the $16 trillion mark. That event also went unnoticed.

What’s the connection? Both Republicans and Democrats are complicit in turning the state of our union a perpetual and universal state of war that is driving America deeper and deeper into debt.

It does not matter which of the two major party candidates is elected president in November. America will remain at war, and probably go to war with yet another country, and the debt will keep increasing.

Don’t be fooled by the talk of “cuts” in military spending, Medicare, Social Security or any other federal government program that either the Democrats or Republicans propose. That is another charade, a shell game, in simple terms – a lie. These so-called cuts are not cuts at all. All the are is less of an increase.

It’s like trying to convince your wife to let you buy boat you can’t afford and will have to borrow money to purchase. You tell her you’ll cut spending by buying a $20,000 model instead of the one that costs $30,000.