Candidate Questionnaires

One of the “joys” of running for office is the many candidate questionnaires you receive. Most of the time, it is pretty clear from the wording of the question what response the sender wants. Sometimes they forms allow you to amplify of explain your response.

As a “third party” candidate, I believe it would be very difficult for me to receive the endorsement of any of the  groups who send me a questionnaire, regardless of how I answer the question. I fill them out anyway because this is an inexpensive way of getting my message out.

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Irving for Congress

Today I filed to run for the U.S. House of Representative District 2.

I am running for Congress because I believe it’s time to stop all war. Stop the wars in and Afghanistan and the multitude of other nations were our troops are fighting. Stop the war on drugs and alternative lifestyles. Stop the war on immigrants. Stop the war on civil liberties. Stop the war on the U.S. Constitution. Stop the wars on food, healthcare, guns … stop all war.

The State of the Union is a perpetual state of war. Democrats and Republicans have used the fear of real or imaginary enemies, both at home and abroad, to manufacture and manipulate Americans, to divide us, to pit one racial, religious or social group against another – all for the purpose of stampeding us into giving up more and more our a precious liberties for the false promise of security.

This campaign draws this theme, and its inspiration from my good friend R. Lee Wrights, who is seeking the Libertarian nomination for President of the United States.

My platform is simple: I want to reduce the size, scope and power of the federal government at all levels and on all issues, and will oppose increasing the size, scope and power of the federal government at any level, for any purpose.

I want to restore the republic our Founding Fathers established, a government of limited and enumerated powers whose only purpose is to protect our unalienable, individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

My goal will be to have a federal government small enough to fit inside the U.S. Constitution.

Some notes on my filing experience. I arrived at the State Board of Elections just as Bob Etheridge was concluding his press conference upon announcing his bid for N.C. governor. Once I worked my way through the media scrum, the filing process was relativity painless. Other than having to pay the exorbitant filing fee ($1,740) for the “privilege” of running for office, it is actually much easier to file for federal than state office. Unless I raise more than $5,000 (I wish) I won’t  have to fill out any intrusive financial reports.Enhanced by Zemanta

Visit my campaign website.

Join The Million Vote March: Vote Libertarian to Stop All War

BURNET, Texas (Feb. 23) – The Lee Wrights for President campaign has launched another project to help win votes for the Libertarian Party and Libertarian candidates in 2012. The Million Vote March is an effort to achieve a historic one million votes for the Libertarian candidate for President, and to encourage people to vote for all Libertarian candidates on the ballot.

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The State of the Union is Still a State of War

BURNET, Texas (Jan. 27) – A year ago, after President Barack Obama’s State of the Union message I wrote an op-ed entitled “The State of the Union is a State of War.” Lamentably, a year later, after his 2012 address I am compelled to write that the State of the Union is still a state of war. And there’s no sign that the wars will come to an end anytime soon, particularly so long as Democrats, Republicans, and their corporate and special interest supporters keep using our tax dollars to fund these wars so that they can benefit and profit.

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Hayes Runs for N.C. House

Kevin Hayes of Mount Olive is running for state House of Representatives in District 4, which includes Wayne and Duplin Counties.

“I will work to restore our state to its founding principles,” said Hayes. “I will work to eliminate regulations and trade agreements which hurt our counties and the state. I will also work towards lowering the gas tax.”

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The Myth of Defense Cuts

BURNET, Texas (Jan. 21) – Despite all the hysteria, wailing and gnashing of teeth from Washington warhawks, there are no spending cuts proposed in the defense budget nor is there any change at all in our defense policy. Typical of the frenzy was the comment by House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) that the “massive cuts” and supposedly new strategy “ensures American decline.”

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The Fair Tax Isn’t Fair, It’s a Farce

“There cannot be a good tax nor a just one; every tax rests its case on compulsion.” – Frank Chodorov

BURNET, Texas (Jan. 7) – The so-called Fair Tax is not fair; on the contrary, it is a farce based on fallacies and falsehoods. Sadly, some libertarians have fallen for the bogus arguments uttered by proponents of this national sales tax and bought into the idea that this is the “best we can hope to get.” This is a justification very similar to the flawed reasoning that induces some people to vote for the “lesser of two evils.”

One of the core values of libertarianism is the right of people to keep all the fruits of their labor. No taxes are fair. All taxes are, at their root, immoral because they involve the use of force to take money from people, money that rightfully belongs to them, and give it to others. That is why libertarians would fund most government services with voluntary user fees.

The most dangerous claim used by advocates of the Fair Tax is that it’s “revenue neutral,” that it will allow the federal government to collect just as much money as the income tax. Fair Tax supporters say this as if it were a good thing. It is not. The greatest danger facing our nation isn’t terrorism, global warming or the energy crisis. It is out-of-control, unbridled government spending. It is our $15 trillion federal debt, which grows every day.

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Most election laws are ‘flawed’

Two of the major Republican presidential hopefuls are learning what third party and independent candidates have known for years, that ballot access laws in most states are rigged against offering voters any real choices in primaries and on election day, said Jordon Greene, president of Free the Vote North Carolina.

“If Newt Gingrich thinks it’s difficult to get on the Republican primary ballot in Virginia, he ought to try getting a new party or unaffiliated candidate on the ballot in North Carolina,” Greene said in a statement. “Then he’d understand how the major parties limit voter choice by imposing restrictive ballot access laws.

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