Beitler first to file for U.S. Senate

Dr. Mike Beitler was the first candidate to file for U.S. Senator today. Beitler is seeking the Libertarian nomination. No other Libertarian candidate is expected to file, so Beitler will probably be in a three-way race in November.

He was joined by three Libertarian candidates for U.S. Congress at the State Board of Elections office in Raleigh. Thomas Hill filed for the 8th Congressional District and Thomas Rose filed for the 2nd CD.

Hill collected more than 300 signatures rather than pay the $1,740 filing fee. “That’s $1,740 I now have to run my campaign, rather than giving it to the government,” Hill said.

The third libertarian, Lon Cecil, is also collecting signatures in order to file for the 12th Congressional District seat. He was 40 signatures short of the required 200 certified signatures.

Beitler is business practice professor in The Bryan School of Business and Economics at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. He’s authored three business books used in MBA programs and hosts the internet radio show Free Markets With Dr. Mike Beitler on the VoiceAmerica Business Network.

Obama is not a Marxist

“Despite what some popular right-wing talk-show hosts claim, Obama is not pushing Marxism, revolutionary or otherwise. The threat is not from socialism in the sense of State ownership of the means of production, much less a proletarian uprising. Rather, he’s pushing good old American progressive-corporate elitism, or corporatism. (Some would simply call it capitalism.) It is anti-free market, but not anti-business.”

Read the full article by Sheldon Richman here.

President dismisses separation of powers

The last time President Obama addressed the Congress the most controversial part probably occurred when Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie” when the president’s claimed that illegal immigrants would not get special treatment under health care reform.

Political pundits and the mainstream media talking heads called this an unprecedented breach of protocol (the most polite comment made).

Last night, the president himself committed an unprecedented breach of protocol when he claimed the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision would “open the floodgates for special interests –- including foreign corporations –- to spend without limit in our elections.”

“I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities. They should be decided by the American people,” the president said, looking straight at the Supreme Court justices sitting stoically in the front row.

Although he prefaced his criticism with the words “with all due deference to the separation of powers” he ignored the spirit of that principle by misinterpreting the courts decision.

The president, purportedly a Constitution scholar, expressed his disdain for the separation principle later in the speech as well. Since Congress blocked a bill to establish a fiscal commission to review the budget for “programs that we can’t afford and don’t work,” he said he would sign an executive order to set up the commission anyway.

Other than an opening remark noting the Constitutional origins of the State of the Union address, the president never cited a section or article of the Constitution to justify any of the programs he proposed.

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Amish exemption from national health care

From the Advocates for Self Government e-letter:

Under the health reform legislation the Democrats are struggling to pass, most Americans would be forced by the government to purchase insurance — or face hefty fines and other possible punishment.

AmishBut not one group: the Amish. Democrats plan to exempt the Amish (and some similar religious groups) from the “buy health insurance or else” mandate.

Why? On First Amendment grounds, because of Amish religious beliefs. The Amish believe the church, not the government, should care for the needs of members. They are thus conscientious objectors, for religious reasons, to commercial insurance and government welfare programs.

As reports: “[W]hen the Amish need medical care, they go to regular doctors and hospitals and pay in cash often with financial help from their church and neighbors. They rely on each other, not the government or insurance companies, as a tenet of their faith.”

Since 1965, Congress has exempted the Amish from Social Security and Medicare taxes for the same reason.

We’re all for that. But why stop with the Amish? What about those of us who object for other religious or spiritual reasons — for example, a belief that the initiation of force against peaceful people is wrong? What about those who object on non-religious but deeply-held philosophical grounds?

Some of these folks are already speaking out. FOX quotes Ilya Shapiro, a senior fellow in constitutional studies at the libertarian Cato Institute.

“If they can do it for religious objection, well, I have a different type of objection,” Shapiro said. “I think I’m being coerced into doing something against my will, and so the challenge would be from a different perspective.”

We strongly support the Amish exemption, of course. But what about the rest of us conscientious objectors?

Ron Paul's State of the Republic Address

Ron Paul won’t be the Republicans choice to give their response to President Obama’s State of the Union address. But this video series from the Campaign for Liberty is what the country really needs to hear.

“Dr. Paul argues that, contrary to establishment thinking, we are by no means out of the woods. Urging a return to common sense and sound money, Congressman Paul looks at what lies ahead for our country if we continue to spend beyond our means and rely on a fraudulence money system. Prosperity is waiting for our nation, but its return hinges on our ability to change our way of thinking in order to pursue liberty.”

Read the full text here.

Open health care negotiations

Libertarian Party news release

The Libertarian Party calls on President Obama to not break yet another campaign promise by directing Congress to have an open, televised format for all future negotiations on the health care overhaul bills under consideration in Congress.

Read the full press release here.

They are being kind. The LP headquarters is in Washington D.C. There is something in the water there that causes anyone who drinks it to speak “kindly,” when they really want to scream.

The “negotiations” the LP refers to are actually secret arrangements for giving members of Congress brides and special privileges for themselves, and allegedly for their constituents, so they can buy votes and remain in power — all at taxpayer expense.

When asked why she was not allowing C-Span to televise these secret meetings, as President Obama had pledged, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the same kind of flip response she gave when asked if the health care deal was even constitutional.

Liberals comment on the health care ‘reform’ bill

“It’s a seriously flawed bill, we’ll spend years if not decades fixing it, but it’s nonetheless a huge step forward.” (Paul Krugman,  NYTimes columnist)

“How do you applaud while holding your nose? … There is so much that is wrong with it — and the way it was made — and, at the same time, so much that is right that you just have to shake your head in despair and in wonder.” (David Broder, Washington Post columnist)

Rx for health care = liberty

Excessive government regulation which drives up the cost of drugs and restricts the number of health care professionals allowed to practice, and out-of-control malpractice suits are the cause of the health care crisis, according to Dr. Mary Ruwart.

“Clearly, lowering health care spending by doing away with wasteful practices should be at the top of our health care reform list,” write Ruwart.  Read more here.

He fought the law — and won

A victory of sorts for liberty. Steve Bierfeldt of the Campaign for Liberty writes that the TSA has changed its rules after an incident where he was detained by TSA “agents.”

“We often forget that the power wielded by government exists only because there are those willing to carry out its orders,” Steve writes. “The ‘Government’ is not an Artificial Intelligence that exists in a science fiction movie.”

“Rather it comprises real people who have the choice to either follow or refuse an order.

“A law passed by Congress, signed by the President, and upheld by the courts will never be carried out or enforced unless there are men with badges and with guns willing to comply.”

If we only had more COs in the Federal government.

Listen to the audio recording of the caper. In my humble opinion, all the TSA employees recorded ought to be fired.

Preview of government 'health' care

I woke up this morning to the sound of my wife yelling at the TV. She was reacting to a report on Good Morning America that a Federal government panel has determined that mammograms were not needed until you turned 50. When I was serving in the U.S. Air Force, health care providers from that same Federal government insisted she start annual mammograms after age 40.

Of course, the medical profession was surprised even outraged by this latest example of political science. Not the social science dealing with political institutions and the principles and conduct of government, but scientific research and studies motivated by special interest groups and politicians looking for some to blame for the problems they themselves created, so they can get votes from the “victims.”

Is it a coincidence this supposed study comes out just as the U.S.Congress is about to impose a Federal government run health care provider system on us all?  Proponents of nationalized health care are quick to label anyone who raises the possibility of health care rationing as someone who just wants you to die.

Apparently, their humanitarian solution is to simple re-define what procedures are good for you, and when you need them.

One skeptic of the latest Federal government medical breakthrough noted that the practice of regular mammograms and educating women to check themselves has been taught for generations.

But the Nanny State know best.

On a personal note, my beloved did develop Stage 0 breast cancer last year and had a mastectomy. Thanks to God — not the Federal government — she is a survivor.