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Divorce the state from marriage

Orinally posted Feb. 2009

As a Catholic, it pains me when Church leaders get diverted by issues manufactured by politicians to increase their power. “The desire to rule is the beginning of all heresies.” (St. John Chrysostom). The “Marriage Amendment,” clearly intended to discriminate against a group of people, betrays the Church’s long-standing commitment to social justice.

As a libertarian, it appalls me when a religious or political leader proposes laws revoking any God-given right, and betraying the fundamental American principle that all persons are created equal.

Government has no right to “license” or give permission for marriage. Marriage is a sacred undertaking, a sacrament, instituted between two persons, before God — not the State. Mary and Joseph did not have a marriage license. Martha and George Washington did not have a marriage license.

An interesting historical note: States began issuing marriage permits as a way to prevent interracial marriage, just as they introduced gun permits to stop African-Americans from using guns to resist oppression.

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Oh no, Mr. Bill

Over the weekend Liberty Point  experienced a catastrophic failure. Alright, what really happened was that I messed up while updating the site. As a result, I have lost all of my stuff.  And I am not techie enough to figure out how to restore the backup I am made.

Lesson learned. From now on, I will back up my posts and pages in a format I can understand, on another blog. Meanwhile, I am in the process of rebuilding the pages. I have text copies of some of the posts, so I will repost them as a “best of” item.