Cruisin' around ethics rules

Former Gov. Mike Easley is not the only politician who knows where to get a good set of wheels. The News & Observer reports that Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand is cruisin’ around town in a 2008 Chrysler 300 courtesy of a car dealership friend in Fayetteville.

Rand has not reported the car on his ethics form (surprise) because, according to the report, “It’s not clear whether use of the car meets the threshold for disclosure as compensation.”

The Kelly Blue book value of that vehicle is about $18,000. State ethics rules require any compensation greater than $10,000 to be reported. Rand admits he gets use of the car as compensation for his director’s role as well as legal work he has performed for the Bleeker dealership.

Yes, I can see where that is unclear. Gimme a break!