Free the Vote NC gives 10 candidates an 'A'

Free the Vote North Carolina has awarded an A rating to 10 candidates for the state General Assembly. The candidates, all challengers, include five Libertarians and five Republicans.

“We endorse these candidates because they believe, as we do, that our state’s restrictive ballot access laws must be reformed,” said Jordon Greene, Free the Vote NC founder and president. “They all have indicated by their responses that they agree North Carolina’s ballot access laws unfairly restrict the right of citizens to run for office and to vote for the person or political party of their choice.”

Free the Vote NC is a political action committee whose goal is to restore competition in the state’s elections by reducing or eliminating ballot access restrictions. Greene said they mailed surveys to all candidates for the General Assembly in the general election, but only 20 replied.

“While we’re disappointed in such a poor response, that response in itself is telling,” Greene says. “It tells us either that the candidates don’t agree with electoral reform or that they don’t think it is an important issue to North Carolinians. In either case, it is clear that we have our work cut out for us to restore free elections to our state.”

The candidates receiving “A” ratings are:

  • Stephanie Watson (Libertarian) – NC Senate 16
  • Barry Coe (Libertarian) – NC Senate 24
  • Cedric Scott (Republican) – NC Senate 38
  • Richard Evey (Libertarian) – NC Senate 44
  • Herb Sobel (Libertarian) – NC House 3
  • Steven LaRoque (Republican) – NC House 10
  • Barbara Howe (Libertarian) – NC House 32
  • Harry Warren (Republican) – NC House 77
  • Paul Terrell (Republican) – NC House 33
  • Samuel Edwards (Republican) – NC House 118

Go to to read the complete survey and the candidates’ responses.