Groups rally to protect NC health care freedom

NC Freedom is organizing a statewide protest at the General Assembly building in Raleigh tomorrow, the first day of the so-called short session.

State Sen. Debbie Clary (R-Cleveland) will introduce a bill to exempt North Carolina citizens and businesses from participation in federally mandated health care. As of April 27, 22 states have filed lawsuits challenging the mandatory provisions of the health care law recently passed by Congress.

“This is the first major rally where the people of North Carolina are coming together to assert their 10th amendment rights,” said NC Freedom organizer David DeGerolamo. More than 20 organizations have joined as rally sponsors.

“Without your support, this legislation will end up buried in a Democrat controlled committee,” he said in a e-mail alert to members. “If you feel it is time for North Carolina to stand up and show our resolve to the rest of the country, join us.”

Organizers are urging people to visit their legislators from 10 a.m. until noon, when the session starts. At noon, the groups will rally in front of the legislative building. Dr. B.J. Lawson, Republican candidate for U.S. House District 4 will address the crowd.

The keynote speaker will be Michael Flynn, editor-in-chief of Big Government, a project of the online news aggregate website Flynn is the a former government affairs specialist for the Reason Foundation and has nearly 20 years experience in policy development, legislative affairs, media relations, political campaigns and crisis communication.

Following the rally, participants will be asked to surround the general assembly and peacefully demand that the bill be brought to the floor for a vote.