Haugh: Ferguson inevitable result of militarization of police

Sean Haugh, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, said today that events in Ferguson, Mo. are the horrible and inevitable result of the federal government flooding local communities with weapons of war.

“When you give the police military powers, equipment and training, and you fill them up with the war mentality, well you’re just asking for trouble,” Haugh said in his latest YouTube video. “The only enemy they can possibly find to combat here at home is us – the citizens they are supposed to protect and serve.”

“Don’t think Ferguson is an isolated incident,” Haugh warned.” The federal government has been flooding our own streets with the weapons of war just as they have been arming everyone abroad.”

Just in North Carolina alone, he said there are about 400 police agencies that have received military weapons from this program. A few months ago, Harnett County Sheriff Larry Rollins bragged about his “shiny new mine resistant armored vehicle” on Facebook, Haugh said.

“Of course, the sheriff didn’t like it when people questioned him why they needed to use that against the people of his county and deleted all those comments” The comments must have continued, Haugh said, because the entire Facebook page has been deleted.

“It’s not just the weapons. It’s the mentality,” Haugh explained. “Mike Brown of Ferguson died because the police no longer believe it is their duty to protect and serve. Now they shoot first and then call for backup.”

Haugh also noted three recent incidents in his hometown of Durham, where people were killed by police in what he called “highly questionable circumstances” and yet the police chief still has a job.

“The police are out of control just about everywhere. We have to hold them accountable,” Haugh concluded. “Liberty cannot tolerate armed gangs who have placed themselves above the people. There must be no more Mike Browns.”