Important annoucement from Mike Munger

Big news from Dr. Mike Munger, Duke political science department head and former Libertarian candidate for N.C. governor.

“RALEIGH — Dr. Michael Munger, Chair of Political Science at Duke and former (2008) candidate for North Carolina Governor, made an important announcement today.

“After thinking it over, and talking to my wife and family, I have decided NOT to seek the Democratic nomination for Senator. There were many considerations, not the least of which is that I am not a registered Democrat, and therefore am ineligible to run. But I am also hoping to spend more time at home now, and having to live in Washington as a Senator would get in the way of all that.

“Munger has agreed that he will not endorse anyone in the Democratic primary, after thinking about for about 30 seconds. “They are all kooks, why would I endorse one of them?” he asked.

Read on his blog, Kids Prefer Cheese.