Irving for NC Senate 16 – People. not Politics

I am standing for NC Senate District 16 because I believe in the people of North Carolina. I believe in their spirit, their integrity, and their compassion.

Our state is a place where individuals succeed through voluntary social cooperation solving our most critical challenges through free-market innovation with dignity, respect, and understanding. That’s why I chose to retire here.

We can be proud of the many ways neighbors help neighbors, families encourage families, and how our people are strengthened when coming together in mutual respect and understanding. We welcome diversity and change, respecting the dignity of all individuals.

Government far too often stifles innovation through regulation, subverts compassion through bureaucracy, and suppresses achievement through economic manipulation. That’s because the establishment parties manipulate government to maintain their power and benefit their special interests – not to serve all the people of North Carolina.

State, county, and local governments should never be allowed to stand as obstacles to the people, obstacles to who we are, who we can be, and what we can achieve.