Jim Crow gun laws

From the Grass Roots North Carolina Alert

“The original creation of pistol purchase permits in North Carolina as well as other states has its roots in ‘Jim Crow’ era attempts to deny black Americans their rights to self defense. (See Paul Valone’s column in the Charlotte Gun Examiner). This is the dirty little secret behind many gun control laws that gun grabbers don’t want you to know.

“Like most bad ideas used to selectively deny fundamental rights it, of course, has expanded to make the rights of all people more difficult to exercise.

“Thanks to Rep. Mark Hilton and Sen. Doug Berger these vestiges of the past may become just that – a thing of the past. Hilton has introduced HB 892 and Berger is sponsoring SB 782 -Repeal Pistol/Crossbow Transfer Permit.”

Both bills have moved into committee.

Then there’s the other dirty little secret from the Jim Crow era the mainstream media won’t tell you about. State-issued marriage “licenses” originated in many states to prevent whites from marrying anyone of color, including blacks, mulatto, Chinese, Japanese, Malay and Filipino. Of course,this list was not all inclusive. Check out this Wiki entry.

Why won’t Democrat-Republican duopoly politicians and so-called civil rights leaders   talk these civil rights issues?