'Justice' in the PRC(H)

Justice is turned upside down in the People’s Republic of Chapel Hill (aka UNC). Just read the lead paragraph from this News & Observer story.

“CHAPEL HILL – UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp shut down a campus anti-immigration group Friday after an anonymous flier targeted it’s faculty adviser, who then joked about his skills with a Colt .45.”

In the real world, the “authorities” would try to track down the persons or persons, who didn’t have the courage to sign their threatening document. But in academic la la land, the “villain” is the person who dared to say he could take care of himself, and the group that was the target of the threat.

This is like blaming the victim of a house theft for the crime, because he didn’t lock his doors or have an alarm. Another example of our tax dollars at work!

Read more: The Pope’s Center’s Jay Schalin asks “Is a major state university going to let radical groups silence a legitimate college organization and drive it off campus through a campaign of violence and intimidation?” Read the article: The Politics of Intimidation Come to Chapel Hill.