Legislative limbo

Several  bills introduced into this session of the General Assembly have already been killed. The General Assembly’s Grand Pubah, Marc Basnight, consigned them to Legislative Limbo, otherwise know as the Ways & Means Committee. For those not conversant in “New Speak,” the committee has neither quality, hasn’t met since 2001, and is chaired by a  Basnight Sub-Pubah, Charlie Dannelly.

The bills terminated in vitro include S156, supposedly designed to limit session terms by cutting off legislators per diem after a set number of days and  S87,  the Taxpayer’s Protection Act, which would have put a constitutional amendment setting limits on state spending to a vote of the people.

In all honesty, I have to admit I’m glad some bills were committed to any early grave, including the attempt to extend the legislators terms of office (S118/119) and the New Speak-named S272 Defense of Marriage Act.