Let's Free the Vote in North Carolina

Free the Vote North Carolina is the new name for the political action committee formerly called North Carolinians for Free and Proper Elections. The group recently adopted the new name and unveiled a new website.

Free the Vote NC“Free the Vote NC is a much better description of our mission,” said founder and president Jordon Greene. “Our goal remains the same. We’re dedicated to bringing about free, equal and proper elections in our state which has a history of highly restrictive ballot access laws.”

Despite changes in the state’s election laws, Greene said that ballot access remains a major obstacle for anyone outside the two major parties and the problem is getting worse.

“We believe North Carolina’s ballot access laws not only restrict constitutionally protected rights, but exist merely as an expedient to preserve the power and influence of the major parties and incumbents,” Greene said.

The Free the Vote NC board of directors includes representatives from the Libertarian, Constitution, Conservative and Modern Whig parties. The group intends to lobby for passage of a ballot access reform bill they have drafted in the next session of the general assembly.

“North Carolina still has the second most restrictive ballot access requirements in the nation,”Greene said. Free the Vote NC wants to reduce the number of signatures needed for a third party or independent candidate to get on the ballot, and reduce the number of votes a new party must get to retain ballot status.

Greene said the group will be reaching to all political parties and groups across the political spectrum to form a coalition in support of this simple and basic reform.

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