Libertarian Party state convention June 7-9 in Flat Rock

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina will hold its annual state convention June 7 to 9 at the Mountain Lodge and Conference Center in Flat Rock.

The official business of the convention will be to amend the bylaws and elect new officers. However, convention organizers announced that most of the convention will be spent on learning the special skills that are essential to any social or political movement.

“Millions are waking up to finding their freedoms and liberties being encroached upon and smothered by the monstrous growth of government,” said Kevin Innes, convention chairman.

“Many no longer feel that their government is theirs but has instead become an insatiable monster that looks for every opportunity to grow bigger and more powerful.”

Libertarians want to change all that, he said.

“The Libertarian approach to political change is to take action to create policies, procedures and laws that dramatically decrease taxes, shrink government and return money and authority back to each individual,” he said.

“Big government is the disease; small government is the cure.”

With this in mind, and with the theme “Liberty In Action,” Innes said the convention will be organized as a “boot camp.” There will be a variety of break-out sessions to teach the skills and techniques needed to recruit and train political candidates and effectively rallying resources to run better and better campaigns.

Convention speakers will include Carla Howell, the national Libertarian Party executive director, Michael Cloud, a noted Libertarian author and speaker, and J. Neil Schulman, noted libertarian author and filmmaker.