Libertarianism for Non-Libertarians

In January, I hope to publish the first issue of Liberty Point, an independent quarterly newsletter devoted to promoting practical and principled politics for libertarians. It will be a complement and companion to the ideas I promote on this blog.

Liberty Point will offer libertarian activists and candidates another resource for running practical and principles campaigns, presenting the uncompromising libertarian argument, while using terms and language which  the voting public. The key concepts will be that: All politics are local and politics is an art, not a science.

Articles and columns will come from North Carolina libertarians, as well as from people in other groups that share a common interest or cause with libertarians.The purpose will be to appeal to both libertarian and non-libertarian readership.

Read more about Liberty Point below. But the bottom line is that I need people to subscribe. Subscriptions will be $5.00 per year, for a quarterly publication. Liberty Point will be mailed to subscribers, but in addition we will use a ad hoc, grassroots distribution system. Additional copies will be provided to be dropped in — waiting rooms, DMV offices, bus and train stations, airport lounges — anywhere people have to wait.

If after reading this you want to support this project, go to to subscribe. And starting writing your article.!

Liberty Point: Libertarianism for Non-Libertarians

Liberty Point will be an independent, quarterly newsletter of North Carolina libertarian thought and action, designed to appeal to both libertarian and non-libertarian readership. It is intended to be both an education and outreach tool.

Articles would be specifically target to non-libertarian readers, and would present practical libertarian option and alternatives to the real or imagined issues and problems being bantered about in the public arena.

It will not be an official publication of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina.

Liberty Point will cover local and state politics, include columns by NC libertarians and news from other libertarian and libertarian-leaning. These will include Americans for Prosperity, Grass Roots North Carolina,, the N.C. Property Rights Coalition, John Locke Foundation, the ACLU and North Carolinians for Free and Proper Elections.

It will also contain news and information from other third parties, including Greens and Constitution parties, on issues of common interest, for example, ballot access, property rights, and civil rights.

We may also produce special issues for use as a campaign handout for Libertarian candidate or group of candidates. For example, during the 2008 campaign, several General Assembly candidates adopted the Liberty Agenda. This would have been an ideal topic for special Liberty Point edition.


Liberty Point will be available by subscription for $5.00 per year. It will be mailed to subscribers quarterly. It will also be available online.

Additional copies would be available for grassroots distribution to friends, family and for drop in public places, for example doctor’s waiting rooms, car dealers and repair shop waiting rooms, DMVs and other government offices — anywhere there are people. This ad hoc distribution system will depend on the commitment and creativity of subscribers. We will mail as many copies to Liberty Point subscribers as they request if they agree to be our “paper boys.”

This public distribution system may also be used by local candidates.


As editor and publisher, I will be solely responsible for the content of Liberty Point. News articles, commentaries, letters, op eds and cartoons will accepted from any NC libertarian, third party or independent political activist. The quality of content, layout, and design and the reliability and regularity of publication will be equal to that which I produced as editor of the Tarheel Libertarian (the official LPNC newsletter).

How to Subscribe

Go to or email to sign up to receive our first edition, tentatively set for January 2010. Then mail a check to thea ddress provided. Sorry, since this is a low-budget operation, the only way to subscribe is by check or money order.