Libertarians ask taxpayers to choose where their money goes

Even though libertarians oppose taxes, the state Libertarian Party is encouraging supporters to take advantage of the check box on the state income tax form and designate $3 of the tax money to the Libertarian Party.

“This is a chance for taxpayers to direct a small portion of the money taken from them to something that is their choice,” said Barbara Howe, state party chair. “ Of course, we would prefer North Carolinians pay no taxes, especially ones on income.”

Howe said they are also asking supporters to become regular contributors to the party, or to make a one-time donation.

She said that by contributing on the tax form people would be helping Libertarians send a message to the state that they’ve fought hard to get on the ballot and intend to stay. “These small contributions add up and they’ll help the LPNC run candidates across the state in the 2012 election,” Howe said. “In all likelihood, we will direct most of these funds in support of the 2012 gubernatorial candidate after he or she is nominated in primary.”

That race will be crucial because in order for the Libertarian Party to retain its ballot status its candidate for governor or president must get at least two percent of the vote.

To date, the Libertarians have received just under $46,000 from the N.C. Political Parties Financing Fund. The money is used for general campaign activities and support of candidates, according to state law.

The state Libertarian Party platform says “Taxation is by its very nature a coercive and destructive act against the people. The LPNC believes that all people have the basic right to keep the fruits of their labor and enterprise. We believe that the costs of government should be paid for by voluntary means only.”