Libertarians ‘head to the hills’ for state convention

The N.C. Libertarian Party is asking its members to “head for the hills,” and attend the 2013 state convention in Flat Rock June 7 to 9.

“Today, we find ourselves at an important stage in our development,” said J.J. Summerell, state chair. “The stage where we’ve developed enough critical mass that we can discuss with others the lack of logic in the ‘wasting your vote’ argument.”

The convention will be held at the Mountain Lodge and Conference Center. Noted Libertarian orator and author Michael Cloud will be the keynote speaker. Summerell said Tarheel Libertarians will be among the first to hear Cloud’s latest riveting presentation, “The Impossibility Trap.”

“In his unique and electric style, Michael provides us with tools to convince others to join the Libertarian Party and take it to the next level,” he said.

Cloud is the author of “Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion,” “More Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion,” and “Big Government is the Disease – and Only Libertarians Have the Cure.” In 2002 he was the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate against John Kerry, winning 19 percent of the vote in Massachusetts.

Cloud isn’t the only top-tier speaker coming to this year’s convention. Other speakers will be Michael Pearlmutter, executive director of the Institute of Political Leadership, and Evan McMahon, new executive director of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee.

Activities will include a screening of the movie Alongside Night, based on the novel by acclaimed libertarian science fiction author J. Neil Schulman. The book and film portrays the last two weeks of the world’s greatest superpower and ends on a triumphant note of hope. Economist and Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman called it, “A cautionary tale with a disturbing resemblance to past history and future possibilities.”

The Libertarian Party, formed in 1971, is the third largest political party in the U.S. and North Carolina, as well as the only ballot-recognized alternative party in the state.

Libertarians believe their philosophy is a logically consistent approach to politics based on the moral principle of self-ownership. They believe that each individual has the right to control their own body, action, speech, and property.

For Libertarians, the only role of government is to help individuals defend themselves from force and fraud, and to protect life, liberty and property.

For more information and to register go to the LPNC website.