Mike Munger on the healthcare crisis

“Right now, our attempts at reform are doomed, by a law of accounting physics: insurance can’t cost less than the health care it insures. But subsidizing insurance isn’t the answer; in fact, it only makes the problem worse,” says Dr. Mike Munger about the health care reform bill. He offers the libertarian solution in this op ed: Creating competition and offering the right incentives


  1. The best solution that the LP can offer on health care is the elimination of medicare and social securty. The Feds have screwed up these programs so bad that they need to buy them out.
    Buy out the seniors by offering anyone (that has paid into SS or MEDCare for at least 25 years) $500k dispursed over a 4 year period,ie $200k
    1st year and $100k per yr for 3 yrs.
    Age 54 to age 40 would be reimbursed the total
    sum of what they have contributed. Age 39 and under would no longer have to pay into the programs. Citizens would become responsible for
    buying their own insurance plans and investing into
    their personnel retirement plans. Millions of jobs would be created (a lot of senoirs will retire early).
    Everyone else could afford to buy insurance and invest into their own retirement plans. Insurance companies,doctors,clinics and hospitals are going to have to get really competitive to get the $$ from the individuals. No more putting the burden of these two programs on future generations.No more
    political debates on health care and SS. Billions if not trillions of $$ will be saved by this truly Libertarian approach. After all the buyout $$ is already the tax payers $$$.

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