More disconnected dots

Just after the underwear bomber set his BVDs on fire on Christmas day, several Obama administration officials were quick to point out that the anti-terrorist system worked.  Yes, the system worked — because the alleged terrorist was a jerk and the airline passengers took him down.

A few days later, the administration changed its tune, calling the incident  a “systemic failure.”  That’s government code for saying, “we screwed up, the hundreds of security measures we’ve put in place in violation of basic rights don’t work, our  agents are incompetent,  but no one is going to be punished.”

Yesterday, after a two-hour huddle in the White House (no word on whether beer was served), the president is supposedly taking a hard line. He now says the failure of the State Department, the security screeners, intelligence analysts and other assorted government agents to “connect the dots” is “not acceptable. I will not tolerate it.” Of course, he didn’t name any names; he didn’t fire anyone. He did promise to “do better.”

Meanwhile, the homeland security apparatchiks have added 14 nations — including Cuba, a major hot bed of Muslim extremism.




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  1. Why doesn’t the government stop everyone from coming into the country. This will solve a LOT of problems.

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