N.C. withdraws from LNC region

On the heels of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina withdrawing from the Libertarian National Committee’s Region 1, the Texas Libertarian Party has directed it chair to seek the removal of the region’s representative Stewart Flood.

The regional representatives on the national committee are supposed to represent the interests of the states in the region. The regions are formed at the party’s biannual convention by the state delegations. Region 1 includes Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas.

The number of representatives allotted to each region is determined by the number of party members in that region. Region 1 has three representatives: Doug Craig (Georgia), Flood (South Carolina), and Daniel Wiener (California). The three alternates are: Scott Lieberman (California) Guy McLendon (Texas), and Brad Ploeger (Georgia).

In December, the N.C. Libertarian executive committee voted unanimously to withdraw from the region. “Region representatives should proactively seek input from the members of the region,” wrote Barbara Howe, LPNC chair in an e-mail message to the national committee. “Since the 2010 convention, we have received exactly one communication from just one of our alleged representatives — a request for comments on the 2012 convention location.”

Howe said that this was a “continuation of a historical pattern of virtually nonexistent communication between us and our regional representatives.”

These sentiments were echoed in Texas.

“The feeling is that Stewart has never really represented the region,” said LP state chair Pat Dixon. “While I was on the national committee he never presented a single regional report, nor has he ever asked me as Texas state chair what was going on in Texas.”

Dixon said that the Texas LP executive committee also recommended that R. Lee Wrights be appointed to replace Flood. That decision will be made by the state chairs of the region.

In an unrelated matter, the Texas committee recommended that John Jay Meyers be appointed to fill one of the two vacant at-large positions on the national committee.

According the Libertarian Party bylaws, “representative regions may be formed or dissolved once every two years during a period beginning 90 days before the beginning of and ending on the second day of the national convention” so it is unclear what effect the LPNC withdrawal from the region has. Each region selects its own representatives to the LNC.