NC State leaders & the Ivory Tower

NC State officials seem bound and determined to prove the truth of the stereotype that academics don’t live in the real world. The latest revelation about the hiring of former NC First Lady Mary Easley stretches common sense beyond its limits. The now resigned Chancellor (and disgraced?)  James Oblinger claims he doesn’t remember e-mails regarding her hiring. The man runs a major American university and can’t remember what he writes to fellow academic leaders? Gimme a break!

This entire affair, the original hiring, the exorbitant pay raise, and the attempted cover-up of the matter is a clear example of the “power to corrupt.” Nothing illegal may have been done, but the actions of several administrators were clearly acts of political favoritism, if not immoral.

I am not a UNC or Duke (or a fan of any university or college for that matter) so this is no reflection on the integrity and honesty of any NCSU student, alumnus or teacher. It does make clear, however, that the university leadership are politicians more than academics.