NCLM says vote 'not fair'

Citizens of North Carolina municipalities may be surprised to learn that their elected officials oppose giving people the right to vote.  Most if not all of the state’s cities and towns belong to the NC League of Municipalities, and they provide funding for this organization with taxpayer dollars. The NCLM is essentially a municipal taxpayer-funded lobby.

The 94 paid staff members have unlimited access to state legislatures, unlike citizens who must take time off from work and travel to Raleigh on their own dime in order to hope to meet with their “supposed” elected representative to defend their rights.

The league opposes any reform of our state’s annexation laws … especially any effort to give the people targeted for annexation a voice and a vote.

One of their handouts makes the amazing claim that “A Vote is Not Fair: Requiring approval by those proposed for annexation effectively will veto most annexations because people seldom agree to pay more property taxes. It is only fair to share the costs of the benefits of being part of the community. North Carolina became a great state by moving forward and not letting a few people rely on others to pay ….”

So, a vote by a majority of the people in an area targeted for annexation is not fair, but a vote by 5, 6 or 7 people who do not live in that area is? Perhaps the league and its minions ought to go back to school and learn Democracy 101.

In the latest alert to “members” the league calls the possibility of allowing the people in an area to vote on whether or not to be annexed into a municipality “a serious threat.”

You bet. The people are always a serious threat to tyranny.