Open health care negotiations

Libertarian Party news release

The Libertarian Party calls on President Obama to not break yet another campaign promise by directing Congress to have an open, televised format for all future negotiations on the health care overhaul bills under consideration in Congress.

Read the full press release here.

They are being kind. The LP headquarters is in Washington D.C. There is something in the water there that causes anyone who drinks it to speak “kindly,” when they really want to scream.

The “negotiations” the LP refers to are actually secret arrangements for giving members of Congress brides and special privileges for themselves, and allegedly for their constituents, so they can buy votes and remain in power — all at taxpayer expense.

When asked why she was not allowing C-Span to televise these secret meetings, as President Obama had pledged, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the same kind of flip response she gave when asked if the health care deal was even constitutional.