Governor does the math

Governor Perdue is finally putting one of the skills she developed as a teacher to work – mathematics. She’s correcting the Department of Corrections basic math used to determine the release date for 27 inmates convicted or rape and murder. Apparently they can’t add or subtract very well.

It is unfortunate the “Education Governor” didn’t use her math skills when writing the state budget; even my third grader granddaughter knows you can’t spend more money then you have.

Appeals Court upholds restricted ballot

News release from the Libertarian Party of North Carolina

The N.C. Appeals Court decision upholding the state’s restrictive ballot access laws is “a shameful day for our state,” said Dr. Mike Munger, 2008 Libertarian Party candidate for governor.

I am sympathetic to the position the judges find themselves in,” Dr. Munger said. “While we wish that the other two members of the panel had voted with Judge (Ann Maria) Calabria, the core problem here is in the General Assembly.”

Dr. Munger, chair of Duke University political science department agreed that judges properly show substantial deference to the legislature in these sorts of ‘time, place, and manner’ of elections.

But at some point our justice system is going to have to take up the cause of the citizens, because right now the General Assembly is letting us down,” he said.

The North Carolina Constitution guarantees a citizen’s right to vote for the party or candidate of their choice. Right now, that right is being denied. The courts are bending over backwards to give the legislature a chance to make this right. So, for now, the ball is once more in the court of the General Assembly.”

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'Balloon Boy' bust

I listened to the “balloon boy” saga unfold for an hour on the cable news networks. An hour of repeating the same information over and over and over and over again. Clearly, the anchors were struggling to fill in the time. One “expert” (on CNN I think) talked about the area the balloon flew over, commenting that “nothing” was out there. Nothing but farms, ranches and middle class Americans. But how would a minion of the media elite know that.

Now the repercussions have begin. The media goes completely berserk over a minor incident, blows it all out of proportion without knowing the facts, and now we will have several days of 24/7 coverage of  “was it a hoax.”

This is the basic failing of  24-hour news.  It is not news. In the early days of radio, having “dead air,” a period of time when the announcer or DJ did not speak, was a no no. Now the cable news networks are consumed by that rule. They must fill the airtime. That’s why we see car chases, missing dogs, errant balloons and assorted vehicle mishaps from all over the nation. It is not that these things didn’t happen before. It is just that the cable news nuts have the technology to bring them into your living room.

Much ado about nothing.

'Justice' in the PRC(H)

Justice is turned upside down in the People’s Republic of Chapel Hill (aka UNC). Just read the lead paragraph from this News & Observer story.

“CHAPEL HILL – UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp shut down a campus anti-immigration group Friday after an anonymous flier targeted it’s faculty adviser, who then joked about his skills with a Colt .45.”

In the real world, the “authorities” would try to track down the persons or persons, who didn’t have the courage to sign their threatening document. But in academic la la land, the “villain” is the person who dared to say he could take care of himself, and the group that was the target of the threat.

This is like blaming the victim of a house theft for the crime, because he didn’t lock his doors or have an alarm. Another example of our tax dollars at work!

Read more: The Pope’s Center’s Jay Schalin asks “Is a major state university going to let radical groups silence a legitimate college organization and drive it off campus through a campaign of violence and intimidation?” Read the article: The Politics of Intimidation Come to Chapel Hill.

Beitler for U.S. Senate

Stop the madness

Dr. Michael Beitler has announced he’s seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in 2010.

“I want you to know, I am committed to abolishing Federal programs and agencies, not to creating new ones,” Beitler told about 100 supporters gathered for the announcement at the PTI Airport Marriott Hotel Thursday.

“Big government is causing more problems than it is claiming to fix,” he said. “Federal Government’s spending is out of control. Total reported – and unreported – Federal Government debt has taken us to the point of no-return.”

“It’s time to stop the madness,” Beitler said. He said the time has come to stop talking in terms of reducing the budgets of various government programs and agencies.

“The time has come to abolish entire Federal programs and agencies,” Beitler said. Noting that Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) has become know as “Dr. No” in the U.S. House of Representatives, Beitler said he wants to be known as “Dr. Abolish” in the U.S. Senate.

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Fortified ALE

Every one of the 104 N.C. Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement agent, (except, apparently, two) is armed with a Sig Sauer assault rifle Model 522. (Read the News & Observer article here or the longer AP story here). This gives a whole new meaning to the term “fortified ale.” The next time you’re in your local tavern with your underage son or daughter, better put your hands up quickly when an ALE agent enters, if you’re given the chance and it’s not a “no-knock” search.

If there was every any question that the myriad State police agencies are getting out of control, this should answer it.

Why do State officials charged with enforcing laws on the purchase and sale of alcoholic beverages need to be armed with weapons used by U.S. Special Forces? Do moonshiners have “The Bomb,” one may ask.

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Let the revenue streams flow

An Open Letter to Governor Perdue

Dear Governor Perdue,

Please consider my application to fill one of the vacancies on the State Alcohol and Beverage Control Board. It is clear I am a highly qualified to be appointed to a position on this board. I drink, and have been a drinker most of my adult life. I perfected my drinking skills while serving in the U.S. Air Force.

In these dire economic times, it is important for the State to have as many revenue streams flowing as possible. The backlog of requests to build new ABC Stores is damming up those streams, and must be cleared quickly.

Since I live in Cary I can report to work immediately upon appointment and work for as long as is needed. It is vitally important that we begin work immediately, so that the State can begin collecting revenue for alcohol sales and taxes, and law enforcement authorities can begin collecting fines for DUIs.

I await your pleasure.


Brian “I’m Only Here for the Beer” Irving

The New Left and the New Media

One of the points made at the American Majority Activist Training was that conservatives and the right used to “own” the new media, the internet, the word-wide web and such. Now the liberal left has leapfrogged them.

The furor over President Obama’s speech to school kids across the nation is an example.  President Bush the younger did the same thing. He just wasn’t as good at  it. He didn’t have a Facebook page or Twitter. True, those media were still in their infancy. But Obama is taking advantage of the new, newer and newest media almost as soon as it is developed. The Republicans are still waiting for the e-mail.