Peroutka presents lecture on Constitution roots

Former Constitution Party presidential candidate Michael Peroutka will present the first lecture of his 12-part series on the U.S. Constitution, March 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the Voice of Faith Studios, 335 Sherwee Dr, Raleigh. 

The event is being organized by the Citizens Constitutional Caucus.

Peroutka is co-founder of Institute on the Constitution, headquartered in Pasadena, Md. He is a graduate of Loyola University in Maryland and the University of Baltimore School of Law.

According to the institute website, “Discovering that the teaching of law in America had been perverted away from its original design, Michael determined to investigate America’s founding and the roots of our law, in English Common Law and the Bible.” This led to the founding of the institute as an educational outreach of his law firm.

In his 2004 presidential race, Peroutka’s platform came to be known as “The American View of Law and Government.” In brief it states: There is a God, the God of the Bible; our rights come from Him, and; the purpose of civil government is to secure our rights.

The objectives of this first lecture are to ensure those present can:

  • understand and identify the American View of Law and Government
  • appreciate the importance of the nation’s foundations to restoring and maintaining lawful government
  • understand the contract enacted by the people and the states which established the federal government
  • articulate the Biblical purpose of civil government

Seating for the lecture is limited to 75 and there’s a $10 registration fee. Register and pay via PayPal at the Patriot Institute or the Citizens Constitutional Caucus. Or you can pay by check payable to Covenant Restoration and mailed to: Covenant Restoration, 963 N. Harrison Ave, Suite 107, Cary, NC 27513.