Politicians distort the plain meaning of words

So N.C. Republicans have finally agreed on which Ponzi scheme they’re going to use to con North Carolinians into thinking they’re cutting taxes.


Democrats, predictably, are screaming about how this plan will hurt “the poor” and reward “the rich.” Even some conservatives, to their credit, see the sham.

But everyone is taking about the issue in Newspeak.

Republican and Democrat politicians don’t speak the same language as everyday folk. Listen to how they talk about tax “cuts.” They maintain government “loses” money through “loopholes” and tax exemptions. The implication is clear. You don’t own the money you earn. How else could government lose something it doesn’t own?

Even the word “cut” has a different meaning coming from the mouth of a politician. To them, a “cut” is not spending or taxing less, but spending or taxing less than the really want.

The most outlandish statement politicians make is, “Everybody must pay their fair share for the cost of government.” Of course, it’s they, the politicians, special interests groups, and lobbyists – not you, the people – who decide the amount of this mythical “fair share.”

Only Libertarians will make the radical suggestion that you own what you earn, and no one has the right take it from you.

Only Libertarians will argue that government should live within its means, just as regular people do.

Only Libertarians will dare to suggest that the only essential government services are those that directly protect life, liberty and property.