'Politicians Say the Darndest Things' file

“The implementation of reform was not successful. I don’t think you can call it a complete failure, but certainly it has not measured up to our expectations,” said Rep. Verla Insko, a Chapel Hill Democrat.

Rep. Insko, who co-chairs the legislative oversight committee for mental health, was commenting on the state’s decision to keep the Dorothea Dix Hospital at least partially open.

The “reform” Rep. Insko refers to resulted in millions of dollars scammed from taxpayers by people posing as mental health care-givings, millions of dollars in cost overruns in the building of a new hospital and the death of mental health patients due to the negligence, incompetence and basically criminal acts of state employees posing as mental health care-givers.

“I don’t know you’ll ever convince partisan folks out there one way or another, but the bottom line is, it had too many holes in it,” said State Auditor Beth A. Wood, commenting on her release of an interim report on the investigation into NC State’s hiring of Mary Easley.

The report concluded, “The salary paid to Ms. Easly is excessive when compaired to the responsibilities assigned and others in similar positions.”

Ya think?

“This is a business. They go to where the money is, where they save the money,” commented Gov. Beverly Perdue after signing into law a bill giving moviemakers a 25 percent rebate on their production expenses in North Carolina.

Madam Governor, it is not “business” to take from money from people who’ve earned it and give it to a group who have not.