Politicians using military slang is frightening

It is frightening enough when “conservative” politicians use military slang to describe government actions, as in the “War on Drugs.” It is positively terrifying when coming out of the mouths of “liberal” politicians.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said recently that the Federal government had its “boot on the throat” of BP to insure they would handle the Gulf Oil spill. Later, he said he would “push them aside” if they couldn’t “plug the damn leak” as directed by President Obama.

Today, President Obama did an Al Haig imitation when he told the press corps he was “in charge here” in the White House from day one of the crisis. Haig was excoriated by the press when he told them, “I’m in charge here, in the White House” the day President Reagan was shot.

Almost in the same breath that the president siad he was “in charge” he admitted the Federal government did not have the ability, knoweldge or resources to plug the hole.” When asked about the resignation (or firing) of one of the Federal persons supposedly working on the crisis, he said he did not know about it. He also introduced a new and tortured PC phrase, referring to “National Guardpersons” being deployed to the Mexican boarder.

Then there was a video clip of Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano taling about the National Guard deployment, mouthing phrases like “boots on the ground” and “force multiplier.” Does she even know what those terms mean? Does she know what posse comitatus means? Probably not, because an article on the Homeland Security website calls it a “myth.”