Pot haze, payoffs, the moon base and missing flights

Some days, in fact most days, when I read the News & Observer some articles cause me to chuckle, either because they’re just funny or because they illustrate the absurdities and contradictions of real life. Often, it is because they highlight the hypocrisy and duplicity of most of the people people who purport to be our leaders, and if I didn’t laugh, I would scream. Today there were  more than usual.

Pot haze invites raid on Nelson bus

It’s a good thing ALE agents are armed with Sig Sauer assault rifles. Pot smokers are a really crazy bunch. You know how many people those potheads have killed? (Trick questions. The answer is zero, zip, nada.)

Aide: Cash his Edwards affair

The cash came from a benefactor in the rich part of the “two Americas” John Edwards always talked about.

Moon site named historic resource

In a state in debt up to its ears and which cannot pay its bills, conservationists want to save Tranquility Base. Meanwhile the Obama administration is cutting money for the space program and a return to the moon.

Perdue reports more flights and Easley’s campaign is broke

Governor Perdue can’t seem to keep track of her own travel and campaign expenses. So how can anyone expect her to keep track of the state’s budget? Neither could Governor Easley, so I supposed she learned that trait from him. Meanwhile, the governor just returned from a vacation to an undisclosed location. Presumably she flew there and back, but does she remember?