Rally to restore the Constitution

More than two centuries ago, patriots fought the largest and most hotly contested action of the Revolutionary War’s southern campaign. The Battle of Guilford Courthouse changed the course of the war and contributed to the eventual American victory at Yorktown seven months later.

On August 14, modern American patriots will rally to Restore the Constitution on the site of that battle, now a national park. The rally is held to remind Americans they have a basic human right to keep and bear arms both for self-defense and to preserve individual freedom, according to organizers.

American militia firing at the British infantry from behind a split rail fence during the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, March 15, 1781 (Illustration by Don Troiani/National Park Service)

“The American citizens who gather at the Restore The Constitution Rally will openly and safely carry their firearms as they peacefully assemble to proclaim their grievances and demand redress from their servant politicians and officials,” said Randy Dye, one of the event organizers in his blog Randy’s Right.

Participants may openly carry loaded pistols and unloaded rifles or shotguns. Pistols must be kept holstered and rifles and shotguns must be kept slung over the shoulder, away from any ammunition. People with valid concealed carry permits can carry a concealed pistol.

Organizers said that these rules are actually stricter than state law.

North Carolina is considered an open-carry friendly state by gun rights advocates. People don’t need a permit or license to carry a holstered, loaded pistol as long as it is in plain sight. On the other hand, carrying a concealed gun is tightly regulated.

State law does make it illegal to carry an open or concealed weapon in bars or restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages. Guns, rifles or pistols are also banned in certain areas, including schools, state and federal offices, or at parades, funerals or demonstrations.

However, under Federal law is is legal to open-carry in national parks, which is why organizers choose this venue.

Lon Cecil, Libertarian candidate for Congressional District 12, said he might attend the event, but probably will not bring his pistol.

“Considering some of the North Carolina restrictions on carrying pistols at political events, it may be more interesting to just carry a realistic BB gun,” he said. “My hunting rig, pistol and belly holster, probably would be a little confrontational, although that would pretty much assure I’d be in one of the newspaper photos.”

“Just as is true with free speech, freedom of assembly and every other right guaranteed by the Constitution , if you don’t insist on your Constitutional freedoms by exercising them in public, you will lose them,” Dye said.

“Today’s patriots also recognize that when the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are interpreted consistently to justify the expansion of government and to mean whatever those in power say they mean, we are headed towards a return to life as subjects under the thumb of tyrants,” he said.

Aware that some opponents will characterize participants in this event as racists, right-wing extremists or worse, Dye and the other organizers are asking those attending to follow strict “Rules of Non-engagement.” These rules are intended to insure there is no confrontation with any counter protestors who may show up.

Openly carried pistols may be loaded, but rifles and shoguns must be unloaded and the ammunition for them must be kept away from the weapon.

Dye emphasizes that this event is not intended to encourage people to “raise your arms in protest and yell angry and provocative things.”

“Look elsewhere for that if somehow that’s what you think this is about,” he said.

In fact, he encourages those attending to say the word “Obama” several hundred times on their way to the event. “In this way you won’t feel like saying or hearing it once inside the park,” he said. “After all, he is just but one of the many that have trampled on our constitutional rights and used abusive political power.”

Restore the Constitution Rally

August 14, 1 to 4 p.m.
Guilford Courthouse Battleground National Park
2331 New Garden Rd
Greensboro NC 27410-2356

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Randy Dye (919) 619-9189
Tom Green (336) 639-8333
Daniel Almond (404) 788-9735

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