Remarkable event

The Independence Day Family Tea Party on Halifax Square was a remarkable event. Visitors to our Libertarian table were genuinely interested in understanding our philosophy and asked sincere questions about our views. There were only one or two of the usual “you don’t have a chance” comments or accusations that we “take votes away” from other candidates that have a”chance to win.” In other words, the generally conservative crowd was sympathetic, not confrontational.

Don't Feed the AnimalsThis poster was quite popular.

The event boosted my belief that many people in this grassroots movement “get it’.” They recognize that the problem is endemic to the “two-party” system.

Michael Beitler, who’s considering seeking the Libertarian nomination for U.S. Senate, spoke at the event. Here are his remarks (with notes on the crowd reaction):

Anybody here in favor of a smaller government? [Applause]

Anthony Gregory, the Editor-in-Chief of Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, was a recent guest on my “Free Markets” radio show. Anthony said, “I don’t blame the government, the politicians, or the bureaucrats.” He went on to say, “I blame the American people. The government could not get away with these outrageous interventions, if the American people refused to put up with it.”

Are you willing to put up with it? [No]

Politicians and bureaucrats will take as much power as they can get. Every new program means more power for the politicians and bureaucrats. Every new program means less liberty and more taxes for you.

There are three possible responses:

If you agree with the government interventions, say nothing.

If you don’t care about America’s future, say nothing.

But if you disagree and care about America’s future, you need to say no more interventions. [No More Interventions.]

Let me tell you what you have put up with so far:

A decade ago, mainstream Republicans talked about abolishing the Department of Education altogether. George W. Bush then invaded every public school in America with his disastrous “No Child Left Behind” policy. I’m a business professor at UNC-Greensboro. I’ve seen the terrible results of that government intervention.

The Welfare State has grown to a Cradle-to-Grave entitlement. It looks like Bismarck’s vision for Germany, instead of the Founding Fathers’ vision for America.

Elected politicians tell us they are going to raise our taxes to pay for their irresponsible spending. They have no intention to balance the budget or to reduce their spending.

The Federal Reserve has printed trillions of dollars and artificially held down interest rates. This will lead to an explosion in inflation that will destroy your savings and everything you’ve worked for. I was a Chief Financial Officer in banking for ten years. I’ve had a chance to see the Fed’s shenanigans up close.

What are we to do?

We must demand the following:

Abolish the Department of Education. Permit choice in education. Demand quality in education.

Abolish the Welfare State. The Constitution does not give our government the job of charity. We must end individual and corporate welfare.

Abolish corporate and individual income taxes. Demand a balanced government budget. Hold politicians and bureaucrats responsible for their irresponsible spending.

Abolish the Federal Reserve. [loud applause]. Abolish the Federal Reserve. Return to the gold standard. Demand real money.

And finally, stop voting for the status quo. Stop wasting your vote. Find people who speak the truth; people who have earned your vote.

I hope to earn your vote for the U.S. Senate in 2010. Thank You!

Mike is an economists and has his own internet radio show, Free Markets. I added the link.