Restauranteurs choked by own second-hand smoke

LPNC Press Release

RALEIGH (April 3) — Restaurant owners and their lobbyists are choking on the second-hand smoke wafting from the back rooms of the North Carolina General Assembly, said a Libertarian Party of North Carolina spokesman. “It’s ironic. They’re coughing and wheezing in the smoke generated by their own attempts to burn the rights of all North Carolinians,” said Brian Irving, LPNC communications director.

The restaurant owners were lobbying to ban smoking in all restaurants and bars. In a another of their infamous midnight maneuvers power-brokers in the General Assembly amended the bill just before the final vote to exclude bars and nightclubs.

“They also exempted non-profit clubs and country clubs, so apparently lobbyists for those special interests were in the house,” Irving said. “Now the restaurateurs’ attempt to maneuver and reverse course is obscured by their own smoke-screen. How fitting.”

Irving said that there is no direct evidence to support linking any death to second-hand smoke. “This is not an issue about science or health, anyway,” Irving said. “It is about rights. It is about a person’s right to chose where they eat and drink, and about the right of a business owner to decide what they allow on their own property.”

Irving, who is not a smoker, said non-smokers always have the choice to patronize restaurants and bars that don’t allow smoking. Restaurant and bar owners can decide to go smoke-free if they think it will be good for their business.

“This bill simply strips us all of yet another opportunity to exercise our right to choose,” Irving said. “Where will it end? Are hamburger lovers in danger of losing their right to have it their way?”

“In contrast, we know alcohol abuse causes more deaths than second-hand smoke, yet the state not only sells alcohol but profits from the sale of alcohol and tobacco. So why are legislators targeting smokers?” Irving asked.


  1. Any tax exempt “charity ” that has become a political action committee that, instead of doing research and educating, their primary function, now spends huge sums of money to hire lobbyists to make laws using GESTAPO tactics using LAW ENFORCEMENT, THREATS, INTIMIDITATION, , and SNITCHING to FORCE people to OBEY their guidelines with draconian smoking bans will get NO DONATIONS from me, Since becoming a political action committee, they need to have their tax exempt status investigated by the IRS. Contributions to PACs are NOT tax deductable. All my donations are going to local events and groups that depend on local businesses and bingo halls, that the bans are affecting, for their support, Here are the groups taking that money away from them, all fed by big pharma through their Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Here’s the PACs guidebook.

  2. It is no longer acceptable to hate those of different ethnicity or nationality. So, since America appears to be always needing a scapegoat group to hate, drug users and tobacco users have become those acceptable groups to hate. When drug use started becoming less offensive to average Americans, the powers that be designed a plan to turn the people’s attention and hatred onto tobacco users, and to hell with property rights. Whta we really need is to focus that hate on the politicians who are gradually stealing away our liberty.

  3. No. Not hate. Oppose, despise, revile, fear … and defeat politicians who steal our rights, but don’t hate them. They know know what they do. Well, well they do, but hate only makes us feel better, it does not restore our freedom.

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