Shall we get serious

Government is the art of keeping people from meddling in their own business – Francoise Girould

Commenting on an earlier post “How serious is the Libertarian Party about being taken seriously,” Richard Evey said, “I will get back to you on this.” He did, ending with this quote. Giroud was, of a former French minister of women’s equality. Ah, the French!

Here’s Richard’s reply …

Shall we get serious

A challenge was made on a number of questions on the subject of Libertarians getting serious and I would like to rant. Correction: I am going to rant.

There will always be government, so how do we improve it?

We make it smaller. We make it accountable. The United States government is mandated to do only four things according to the U.S. Constitution. State government is mandated to do? Maybe highways. County government: enforce just laws, keep order and maybe run schools. City government: enforce just laws and keep order. I am not sure who said it: “The government that governs less, governs best.” Government must be reminded that they work for “We The People“!

There will be taxes, so how can we make them beneficial rather than draconian?

There will be just enough to facilitate government. The taxing of products: sales tax, import tax. Tax money will be used for running government and not welfare, roads, grants for whatever, loans and the list is endless. You do not tax necessities: income, food, transportation, housing, booze.

A movement can not succeed simply by being against things, so what are we for?

The protection and guaranty of the rights that were given to us by our Creator: liberty, freedom. With these comes personal responsibility. The ability to speak as we please with out restriction. The ability to move about with out restriction. The ability to publish without restriction. The ability to defend ourselves, the ones we love and those in need without restriction. The ability to show our devotion to what ever being we wish to acknowledge. All this and more but we cannot infringe on others ability and we must not force our beliefs on others or condemn others for their beliefs. As stated in the Declaration of Independence, we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We want the government out of our lives, our wallets and out of our bedrooms.

What is the role of government?

The U.S. Government has four mandates: defend the county from foreign invasion, run a justice system, run a postal system and coin — not print — coin money. Local government: enforce just laws, keep order, maybe run a school, maybe build a highway.

What is the purpose of law?

To prevent complete anarchy, keep some semblance of order and to prevent complete chaos. Law is not there to infringe on or curtail our rights given to us by our Creator.

For whom to we speak?

We speak for those who want the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We speak for those that cry out for Justice. We speak for those who suffer from unjust government.

To whom do we speak?

To those that will listen. To those who want, to those who need, to those whot desire, those who thirst for liberty, freedom and happiness without government telling us what, how, when, where, and why to do things.

How do we become perceived as being inclusive and not exclusive?

If you desire freedom, liberty and happiness without the government involved in your life. We want you to be a part of what we stand for and what we as human beings deserve, what we desire, what we demand. This is not just for a select few; this is for all who want it, without change, without restriction, without intrusion and without charge. With all this one thing is most important: “We the People” must take responsibility for all our action.