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LPNC news release

Libertarians applaud Gov. Perdue’s call to reduce, cut state programs

RALEIGH (March 9) — Governor Bev Perdue’s first address to the General Assembly contained no surprises, as predicted, but North Carolina Libertarians were pleased to hear some familiar themes in the speech.

“We applaud Governor Perdue’s tough statement that she will reduce and cut state programs,” said Barbara Howe, state party chair. “We’re glad she finally is on board with what Libertarians have been saying all along and anxiously await to see if she has muscle behind her decision to cut the fat.”

Libertarians were slightly disappointed that the only specific action Governor Perdue promised was to drive a truck to South Carolina to pick up Federal recovery funds.

“The governor is an educated woman, so I’m sure she realizes there’s no ‘pot at the end of the rainbow.’ Those funds are taxpayer funds from her fellow North Carolinians and all Americans.”

But Libertarians were hearten to hear the governor say that “cutting the fat” didn’t go far enough and that the budget she’ll present next week will reduce and cut state government programs and services the state simply cannot afford. “We can’t wait to see that budget,” Howe said.

Governor Perdue’s call to “stand up to the sweet seductions of special interests, the temptations of politically popular pork barrel spending, and end the practice of back room dealing” also echoed Libertarian values.

The governor said that education is the engine that drives the economy, is essential for economic recovery and would not be sacrificed. “We hope that means she’ll be open to genuine ‘out of the box thinking’ to improve our educational system,” Howe said.

For example, the governor said no parent has a free pass from the responsibility to be fully involved in their child’s education. “Libertarians would add that this means parents should have authority to school their children as they see fit — for example at home or in charter or private schools,” Howe said.