Who rules Egypt is none of our business

“They who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind.” (Hosea 8:7)

During the Cold War the United States supported a host of corrupt dictators who oppressed, brutalized, imprisoned, tortured, and murdered their own citizens. In the name of protecting us from the monster in the closet, monolithic communism, a succession of American presidents, both Democrats and Republicans, promoted a foreign policy that knowingly and willingly sacrificed the liberty of other people in order to secure a false sense of safety for Americans.

American foreign policy was based on the specious premise that as long as a ruler professed he was anti-Communist, it did not matter whether or not he was pro-democracy. Whenever one of these petty potentates got in trouble, when the people in his country dared to challenge his authority and seek liberty and freedom, American officials were quick to step in and “mediate” or “moderate” under the subterfuge of “preserving democracy,” “insuring stability” and “protecting American interests.”

If things got really out of hand, we “facilitated” a “change in government,” which actually meant changing dictators. In some cases, the regimes eventually were overthrown by popular uprising that resulted in a government that turned against us.

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