Interventionism serves no national interest

Libertarian presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson believes, as I do, that the Bush-Obama-and-now-Romney interventionist foreign policy is getting Americans killed and contributing to the bankruptcy of our nation without clear sight of our national interests.

Writing in an op ed published in the Huffington Post, Johnson said, “Foreign policy is supposed to make us safer, not get Americans killed and bankrupt us.

“Yet, even as we mourn the loss of four Americans in Libya and watch the Middle East ignite with anti-American fervor, our leaders don’t get it,” he said.

As someone who grew up during the Cold War, when the United States and the Soviet Union vied for the allegiance of so-called Third World nations, seeing mobs attack American businesses and sack American embassies is nothing new.

It was the price the United States paid for supporting dictators and oligarchies who were supposedly “anti-communist,” no matter have much they oppressed, starved, imprisoned or murdered their people. When you support the “lesser of two evils” — either in foreign policy or at the ballot box – all you get is evil.

During the Vietnam War, and whenever American troops were sent to “restore order” or “secure democracy” in any foreign nation from Latin America to the Middle East, inevitably there were anti-American demonstrations.

Certainly, the Soviets encouraged and financed many of them, just as the State Department and CIA encouraged and supported anti-Soviet demonstrations, and helped overthrow foreign rulers who weren’t “anti-communist” enough.

But the root cause of most of these demonstrations was blowback from American interventionism, the inevitable result of the arrogance and hubris perpetrated by successive Republican and Democratic administrations.

The demonstrations now sweeping the Middle East are not about any video.

Drug prohibition second ‘only to slavery’

Libertarian vice presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray said that the issue of drug prohibition is “second on to slavery” in importance and called for the decimalization of drug use during two educational talks at two North Carolina universities.

Here is a report from the News & Observer:

CHAPEL HILL – During a two-day campaign swing through North Carolina, Libertarian vice presidential hopeful Jim Gray stopped on Tuesday at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to rail against U.S. drug policy.

Gray and Johnson support decriminalization — unlike their Republican and Democratic opponents — but Gray was sure to make a distinction: decriminalization doesn’t mean legalization. It means that illicit substances, like marijuana and cocaine, would be regulated similar to alcohol or prescription medication, whereas full legalization would mean such substances could be sold over-the-counter.

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DemoCRIPS vs. ReBLOODlicans

Forget having to vote for a Demopublican or a Republicrat, Tweedledum or Tweedledee, Thelma or Louise, or the lesser-of-two-evils. Jessie Ventura has come up with perhaps the definitive description of the so-called major political parties. He calls them the DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans, noting they even use the same colors as the street gangs.

Ventura also suggest these candidates war NASCAR type uniforms, so we can clearly see who has bought and paid for their services. Read more here and watch the CNN interview here, where Ventura endorses Gary Johnson for president.

Congress OKs Indefinite Detention – Again

Congress blew another chance to restore the U.S. Constitution, and sadly Rep. Renee Ellmers voted in favor of restricting the natural rights the Constitution was designed to protect.

Rep. Ellmers voted against an amendment to the FY 2013 National Defense Authorization Act and then voted for the bill, which contains provisions giving the president the power to detain Americans citizens indefinitely merely because he suspects them of helping terrorists groups.

In effect, this bill negates the 4th Amendment. No evidence presented to a judge or grand jury. No public record. No trial. No ability to confront witnesses or hear the evidence against you. No writ of habeas corpus.

There is still time to urge the U.S. Senate to act to stop this attack on civil rights.

Let me repeat: I would not have voted for this version of the NDAA, nor the previous version. Indefinite detection by U.S. authorities of any person is not only unconstitutional but immoral.

For background read this May 18 update from the Campaign for Liberty:

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Irving for Congress

Today I filed to run for the U.S. House of Representative District 2.

I am running for Congress because I believe it’s time to stop all war. Stop the wars in and Afghanistan and the multitude of other nations were our troops are fighting. Stop the war on drugs and alternative lifestyles. Stop the war on immigrants. Stop the war on civil liberties. Stop the war on the U.S. Constitution. Stop the wars on food, healthcare, guns … stop all war.

The State of the Union is a perpetual state of war. Democrats and Republicans have used the fear of real or imaginary enemies, both at home and abroad, to manufacture and manipulate Americans, to divide us, to pit one racial, religious or social group against another – all for the purpose of stampeding us into giving up more and more our a precious liberties for the false promise of security.

This campaign draws this theme, and its inspiration from my good friend R. Lee Wrights, who is seeking the Libertarian nomination for President of the United States.

My platform is simple: I want to reduce the size, scope and power of the federal government at all levels and on all issues, and will oppose increasing the size, scope and power of the federal government at any level, for any purpose.

I want to restore the republic our Founding Fathers established, a government of limited and enumerated powers whose only purpose is to protect our unalienable, individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

My goal will be to have a federal government small enough to fit inside the U.S. Constitution.

Some notes on my filing experience. I arrived at the State Board of Elections just as Bob Etheridge was concluding his press conference upon announcing his bid for N.C. governor. Once I worked my way through the media scrum, the filing process was relativity painless. Other than having to pay the exorbitant filing fee ($1,740) for the “privilege” of running for office, it is actually much easier to file for federal than state office. Unless I raise more than $5,000 (I wish) I won’t  have to fill out any intrusive financial reports.Enhanced by Zemanta

Visit my campaign website.

Constitutionalist tries independent run for state House

Following in the footsteps of his father, Jordon M. Greene is running for elective office as an unaffiliated candidate. Greene recently announced his candidacy for state House District 87, covering Caldwell County.

Jordon M. Greene

“I’m running for N.C. House because you deserve a representative in Raleigh that values the liberty of each citizen equally and respects the diversity of views and opinions held by his constituents while holding firm to his own values,” Greene said in his campaign announcement. “I’m a concerned citizen who simply cannot stand by when liberty is at stake.”

Greene was campaign manager for his father Bryan’s unsuccessful attempt to run for Congress as an unaffiliated candidate in 2008. The elder Greene failed to collect the 16,457 signatures needed under North Carolina’s highly restrictive ballot access laws.

The young Greene said he’s running as an unaffiliated candidate because the party he’s chosen to join, the Constitution Party, is not allowed on the ballot. “North Carolina’s ballot access laws unduly regulate and, in the end, violate my freedom of association by keeping my party off the ballot with overly restrictive signatures requirements unparalleled in most states,” he said.

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Wrights to participate in first Libertarian presidential debate

BURNET, Texas (June 17) – Lee Wrights will participate in the first Libertarian presidential debate scheduled during the Future of the Libertarian Movement Conference in Manchester, N.H. June 19.

The one-day conference is sponsored by the Libertarian Parties of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Three candidates will participate in the debate, Wrights, Roger Gary of Texas and Carl Person of New York. The debate is scheduled for 6:15 p.m. and will be moderated by George Phillies. The New Hampshire and Massachusetts Libertarian Parties will give a first-round delegate vote to the winner of the post-debate straw poll.

“I’m looking forward to engaging with my fellow libertarians in what I am certain will be a lively and informative discussion,” Wrights said. “It certainly will be more enlightening than the presidential debate conducted by one of the so-called major parties in New Hampshire recently.”

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