Take the money and run (for office)

North Carolina Libertarians were surprised and somewhat stunned to receive a windfall from the State … a check for $39,361.50. This represents funds from the $3 write-off on the state income tax form. A party spokesperson said that although they did not believe the write-off was legal, they would take the money since it is in effect a donation directly from taxpayers.

Coincidentally (or not) there’s a connection between the amount and the number of voters registered Libertarian in August 2005,  just before the Democrat-Republican controlled  State Board of Elections kicked us off the ballot. If those 13,000 voters each marked the block on their tax form, it would come to $39,000.

There is also some poetic justice in this beneficence. The Libertarian Party will be able to pay off the debt incurred as a result of a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of North Carolina election laws. They are still waiting a decision from the Court of Appeals.

Even so, the state  Libertarian Party still needs to raise money in order to compete in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

Even though North Carolina law says only parties with registration of 1% should be on the tax form, a revenue department bureaucrat either didn’t now the law, or ignored it, and put the party on the tax form.

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