Tea Party protesters not all white rednecks

There were thousands of people at the Raleigh Tax Day Tea Party at the Capitol April 15, and not all of them were “rednecks” or white, despite what you may have read in the News & Observer. (Actually, as a reformed Yankee, I think it is a honor to be called a redneck.)

As noted here, the original organizer of the Tea Party is a simple housewife, Melody Aben. who’s fed up with out-of-control government. It’s a sad fact of political life that whenever a grass roots movement picks up steam, the old, established advocacy groups will inevitably co-opt it. That does not diminish the fact that many, if not most, of the folks who turned out were people like Melody.

Inevitably, there were also some “partisan” and anti-Obama slogans, some over the top in my view. But they were vastly outnumbered by the Gadsden Flag and signs that indicated the bearer “got it,” who recognized the problem was not caused by the Democrats, but by both of the duopoly parties.

Another sign that the majority of the protesters got it was that we gave away all the literature from the Libertarian Party table, and 10 people offered donations for a copy of the Declaration of Independence/U.S. Constitution pocket edition published by the Cato Institute. Some where even where wearing GOP stickers.

Mike Munger and B.J. Lawson gave rousing speeches. Check at the video shot by Jeff Palmer here.

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