The essential hurdle for Libertarians

One thing that has always bothered me about libertarians is that many come off as unfeeling and uncaring when responding to arguments from liberals and others that we must “help the less-fortunate.” Over at Liberty for All, Lance Brown addresses this point very well. He writes about his upbringing in a “Massachusetts Kennedy Democrat” home and how he was influenced by his mother to identify with the party’s values — but not the party:

“They were: helping people, especially the poor; representing the ‘working man’ and the ‘little guy’, and women’s rights; fighting the Republicans, who served the rich; and taking care of those who couldn’t take care of themselves.”

Brown still holds to these views, which is why he does not scorn liberals. “I identify with them. I care about almost everything they care about.”

“Libertarianism — the view of an America full of free individuals — is the means that will deliver the end that most people envision. My vision includes help for the poor and disadvantaged. My vision is a world where people are not discriminated based on race, or sex, or anything else but their humanity and their character. My vision is one where the environment, and wildlife, are nurtured and protected. It’s a vision where workers get paid a living wage, and where opportunity is ripe for the picking, and jobs are prevalent.’

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