The lesser of two evil auto repair shops

It never ceases to amaze me that people will not tolerate shoddy workmanship, poor performance or overcharging when it comes to plumbers, electricians and auto mechanics. They won’t even stand for a player on their favorite sports teams who doesn’t given one hundred percent.

But they’ll willingly vote for a political party or candidate who has proven, time and time again, that they won’t keep their promises. They’ll willingly cast their vote for the “lesser of two” evils.

This reminds me of a story:

Once upon a time there was a man who needed to repair his car. Now there were three auto repair shops in his town. Two of the shops were very large, had many employees, and did most of the car repair in town. They were owned by two brothers and were very close to the man’s house. The third shop was very small, only a a few employees, and was located just outside of town.

The first large shop was called Dent-A-Way Auto Repair. About half of the townspeople went there. The second large shop was called Repair-O-Matic Auto Repair and about half of the townspeople went there. Both of the big car repair shops did a great deal of advertising in the local newspaper, on radio and television and on billboards. All the advertisements made by both of the companies claimed that they did a better job than the other shop, and many ads featured their competitors disgruntled customers from their competitors. The two auto repair shops made some many commercials and had so many ads about town that were so similar that many times it was difficult to tell them apart.

When he asked his friends which of the shops was better, most of them replied that it didn’t make much of a difference. They said that both major auto repair shops were OK, but neither was great. A few of his friends, however, recommended that he go to the third auto repair shop, which was called Freedom Fix Auto Repair. These friends told him that this small shop did excellent work and at a good price, but that it sometimes took two to three weeks to get an appointment. It was a very small shop located just outside of town, and somewhat hard to find.

The man decided to take his car to Dent-A-Way. When he got to the shop, the owner promised him that the repair would be complete in two days and the cost of the repair would be $200 dollars. On the third day, the man went back to the shop to pick up his car, but the repair work was not complete. The owner said it would be ready in two more days. So the man waited two more days and went back. The car was ready, but then the owner said the repair would actually cost $400. The man paid the bill because he needed the car to get to work.

Some time passed. The man needed to repair his care again. This this time he decided to go to the other major shop, Repair-O-Matic. The owner of Repair-O-Matic promised the man that his car would be done in two days and that the repair would cost $200 dollars. When the man came back in two days, the car was not finished. The owner said it would be done the next day. When the man came back the next day, the car was ready, but the owner said the actual cost of the repair would be $300. Again the man paid because he needed to car to get to work.

Some time passed. Once again, the man needed to have his car repaired. This time, the man decided to take his car to Repair-O-Matic. One of his friends who had recommended that the man take his car to Freedom Fix asked him why. “Both of the big shops did not complete the work when they said they would and charged you more than they promised,” the man’s friend said. “Why are you taking your business to one of them again,” he asked. The man replied, “Because I don’t want to waste my time waiting for an appointment at the small shop, and this major shop is the lesser of two evils.”

The moral to this story can be best summed up in the words of John Quincy Adams: “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

When you vote for a candidate who doesn’t represent your views in order to stop another candidate who doesn’t represent your views, you end up with a government that not only doesn’t represent you views, worse yet, you get a government run by people who have no reason to even consider what you might think.

If you choose to support one evil in order to avoid a greater evil, you’re basically admitting there is no evil you would not support in the interest of a “greater” good.